Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools (ACES)

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Sparking Action on Energy

Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools (ACES) is an energy efficiency support service to help schools in Oxfordshire

We can help you carry out energy saving measures to:

Cut carbon emissions

Save money on energy bills

Make buildings more comfortable and healthy for staff and students

We work closely with schools to develop practical solutions that are right for you.

By working with the ACES team, your school can lead the way in carbon reduction and energy bill savings. We’ll help you develop a clear plan of action for your school.

If you work at a school in Oxfordshire and are keen to start your carbon cutting journey, use our Help Desk and we’ll get back to you.

Work with us to improve the energy efficiency of your school buildings

  • Be a leader in cutting carbon emissions locally.
  • Reduce your energy bills so you can spend funds on valuable educational resources and learning.
  • Provide learning opportunities to teach students about energy and climate change.
  • Create a more comfortable learning environment for staff and students.
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We offer free energy efficiency support to schools in Oxfordshire

Get started

If you’re interested in accessing our services, you can use our help desk and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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