Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools (ACES)


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    Managing your school’s heating – active approaches

    How can you adequately heat your school while minimising energy waste? Either on or off The highest level of heating control in a school is whether the system is simply on or off (sometimes ‘winter’ or ‘summer’). Some schools will wait as long as possible to use any heating, while others may feel heating needs…
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    Free thermal imaging service

    We are now offering free thermal imaging for schools with limited spaces. The offer is suitable for schools that have had an energy assessment in the last 5 years and are progressing through their actions. You can apply for a free check with our expert team if your school hasn’t had an assessment.   Perhaps your…
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    Energy saving opportunities for schools – quick wins you may not have completed

    What are common ways that UK schools save energy without compromising comfortable buildings?  Here are some you may not have yet addressed. Work in kWh Kilowatt hours (kWh) is how electricity, gas, and other fossil fuels are measured.  Many schools know their energy costs but don’t know their consumption in kWh. How much is used…
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    Our launch and survey results

    We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new energy efficiency programme Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools (ACES) that will help schools across Oxfordshire cut their energy use, carbon emissions and help them save money on their energy bills. We’re in the early stages of the project and we’ll be adding more information…
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