Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools (ACES)

Free thermal imaging service

We are now offering free thermal imaging for schools with limited spaces. The offer is suitable for schools that have had an energy assessment in the last 5 years and are progressing through their actions. You can apply for a free check with our expert team if your school hasn’t had an assessment.  

Perhaps your school has buildings or extensions with different ages and under new building regulations? These need to have a minimum level of insulation and draught-proofing. Thermal images can help identify priority areas to upgrade to save your school money from leaking heat.  

Many schools are in buildings with extensions of different ages. As building regulations have changed, so to have minimum levels of insulation and draught proofing.  While some repair works may have improved insulation in sections, thermal images of the school can help identify priority areas when planning energy reduction measures.

Action on Carbon & Energy in Schools

Contact ACES if you’d like more information on arranging for thermal images of the school to be taken on or our helpdesk.

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