Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools (ACES)

Automation and smart controls in schools

Alongside measuring energy usage and student engagement, Okehampton College have also undertaken some more significant and costly measures to improve energy efficiency.

The college’s automation and smart control measures, heating upgrades, and insulation improvements have all contributed to a more sustainable future and a better learning environment for staff and students.


One of the measures they implemented was the installation of motion detectors in corridors and toilets, which automatically turned off lights when not in use. The college gradually upgraded all their lighting. In addition, they purchased software that was able to turn off all computers at night and turn them back on in the morning, further reducing energy wastage.


To improve heating efficiency, the college upgraded their water heaters and altered heating system programs to ensure they were only on when needed. They also put in more control zones over time to provide flexibility in heating specific areas.


For insulation, Okehampton College insulated their boiler rooms and installed double glazed windows to prevent heat loss. These measures not only helped to reduce the college’s energy consumption but also made the building more comfortable for staff and students.

More about Okehampton College

Okehampton College is a turn-of-the-century grammar school in Devon, that has had lots of building additions over the years. They have undertaken a substantial amount of energy-saving measures in the school, at a time when energy efficiency and generation weren’t high on the agenda.

As an energy pioneer, the college has made improvements to cut its carbon emissions and we are showcasing their work here to inspire other schools, including schools in Oxfordshire.

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Support for Schools in Oxfordshire

If you’re working at a school based in Oxfordshire, get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you save carbon and energy and make your school more comfortable and healthier.

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