Action on Carbon and Energy in Schools (ACES)

Measuring energy usage in schools

“If you don’t measure it you can’t control it”

Measuring energy usage was crucial for understanding the bigger scope of work that needed to be undertaken at Okehampton College.

Not only was it a great starting point to know what improvements would be needed it was also a great way to get students involved.

Measuring energy usage at Okehampton College

They found they could halve their electricity bill by stopping waste such as being more thoughtful about what is left running overnight and at other inappropriate times.

Measuring energy usage in schools can help define what energy saving measures will be most helpful.

“If you don’t measure it, you can’t control it. I’d say the absolute key to it all was measuring and understanding what you’re using” – Ian Courtenay

They installed monitoring systems to easily tell what energy was used and when.

What did they find out?

Just by doing this simple measuring activity, they were able to solve simple waste by turning things off overnight and during the holidays.

We found out things like the squash courts had electric heaters in them that people weren’t turning off; 850 PCs that were being left on standby all night.

They Installed better lighting that used far less energy than traditional fluorescent tubes.

Measuring energy usage in schools can help define what energy saving measures will be most helpful.

Student engagement

That activity also involved the students measuring the power usage of the two different kinds of light making a great link to science curriculum learning.

More about Okehampton College

Okehampton College is a turn-of-the-century grammar school in Devon, that has had lots of building additions over the years. They have undertaken a substantial amount of energy-saving measures in the school, at a time when energy efficiency and generation weren’t high on the agenda.

As an energy pioneer, the college has made improvements to cut its carbon emissions and we are showcasing their work here to inspire other schools, including schools in Oxfordshire.

Watch our webinar on how to find out annual energy use in your school:

Support for schools in Oxfordshire

If you’re working at a school based in Oxfordshire, get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you save carbon and energy and make your school more comfortable and healthier.

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